The International Cooperation Task Group

The European Brief Therapy Association is committed to promoting and supporting cooperation between National Solution Focused Associations and others who hope to create Associations and Solution Focused groups in countries where they do not currently exist.

In the years since the Solution Focused approach was first shared by Steve deShazer, Insoo Kim Berg and others, the Solution Focused approach has been adopted by practitioners throughout Europe and beyond, working in many different settings. Many countries now have their own National Associations, through which various hopes and aspirations are being realised. For example,
The promotion of the Solution Focused approach as a timely and effective way of helping people in many different settings make the changes they want to see.
Dialogue with national registration bodies.
The democratic representation of Solution Focused practitioners on national and European levels.
The accreditation of practitioners.
The creation of certification programs that meet the needs of different cultural contexts.
The creation of standards for Solution Focused training.
Cooperation with other approaches on an organizational level.
The European Brief Therapy Association is convinced that cooperation between the National Associations and others on an international level creates opportunities to do more than any could have achieved on its own.
We see the PURPOSE of the International Cooperation Task Group as being to provide National Associations and others with opportunities to
learn from each other’s successes
share resources
consult to each other at times of challenge
support the development of new National Associations and Solution Focused groups in countries where there is a potential for them to exist.

We see the ROLE of the task group as being to
promote opportunities for National Associations and others to connect to each other.
act as a switchboard, enabling communication to happen.

The task group is committed to learning from what has been tried, with the intention of
repeating what has worked
not repeating what hasn’t worked
trying out new ideas
being informed by National Associations and others about what could be of help.

To carry out this purpose and role the task group will
maintain a contact list of representatives from the National Associations and other interested people.
communicate with representatives of National Associations and others to invite them to take advantage of connections to other National Associations and Solution Focused groups.
provide representatives of National Associations and others with an opportunity to meet at the annual EBTA conference.
be a point of contact for anyone who wishes to start a National Association or Solution Focused group in a country where one is currently not in existence.

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Criteria for supporting the promotion of solution 22.4.16

Top tips for starting a National Association

For further information contact the Task Group Lead, John Wheeler, on

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