Executive task group

The executive task-group represents EBTA in general matters and is responsible for the administration and book keeping of the association. The executive task-group is formed annually as part of the EBTA Board election. It consists of the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The maximum time of duty for each position is three years.

The president represents EBTA, chairs the Board meetings and the Members Assembly and follows-up on the boards’ decisions. The vice president represents EBTA and chairs the Board meetings in the absence of the president. The secretary keeps and circulates the notes of Board meetings and of the Members Assembly, sends out and receives communications with EBTA members. The treasurer administrates the budget of EBTA and presents an annual balance to the Members Assembly.

President – Jacek Lelonkiewicz

Vice-president – Marie-Christine Cabie

Secretary- Ursula Buhlmann

Treasurer – Geert Lefevere

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