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Document Octobre 2012:
EBTA structures task-group Oct 2012 meeting notes (pdf)
EBTA structure task-group Oct 2012 meeting notes

This is a summary of the voices about EBTA structure that was collected from the internet survey and the survey at Torun conference
EBTA structures_web_oct_2012

Description of the task-group project 


I’ve got the intriguing and maybe controversial task to form a task-group to prepare ideas about the future structure and board-member selection process.

Task group goals at the moment:

·         Work out ideas for the future structure of EBTA.

·        EBTA continues to be seen as an open organization for people interested in supporting Solution Focused work in different contexts.

·         EBTA continues as a vibrant organization that supports the Solution Focused community in Europe.

·         EBTA continues as a forum for interested people.

Task group main ideas for now:

·         The Solution Focused approach as open source ideas.

·         Start with what the task-group members and the board-members are interested in developing, and ask the EBTA-community to submit questions, hopes, and needs.

·         Develop the structures that fit the needs of the work.

Task group process:

·         Form a task group with three or four board-members plus additional EBTA-members who are interested in the future of EBTA and that the board has confidence in.

·         Ask all board-members and task-group members for their initial ideas and form a platform to work from regarding the formation of the suggestions for developing EBTA.

·         Collect the work done by EBTA so far. Reflect what values we have to build on, what should continue, and what should be stopped.

Task group timetable:

·         Baseline ideas, August 2012

·         Task-group formed September 16th.

·         First suggestions, Torun September 20th

·         Draft Skype meeting, January 2013

·         Decisions Bruges, April 20th

As you see, the timetable is tight and a huge task, so don’t put your hopes too high. There has, on the other hand, already been a lot of discussion, so maybe the time is right to make changes now.

Anyway, all suggestions are welcomed! Please send me an email

Peter Sundman, Head of the EBTA Structure Task Group

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