SF materials

Here You’ll find materials about and around sf approach

1. Interview with Insoo Kim Berg by John Wheeler - I.K.Berg and J.Wheeler

2. Night time Miracle Question from Tomasz Switek - NTMQ

3. Simple therapy from Plamen Panayotov – Simple therapy (you quit EBTA web!)

4. Some reflections from Anne-Marie Wulf around supervision - Super-What!

5. Paper from Mark Bayebach - Post Deconstructing_bayebach

6. Short paper from Peter Sundman around EBTA stuff - international_peter

7. Paper from Mark Bayebach - Post Competitive symmetry

8. Mark Bayebach again - Post attributional processes

9. Interview with Therese Steiner by Ursula Buehlman - EBTAinterviewTheresSteiner0415

10. John Wheeler - Solution Focused inspirations from a garden

11. Plamen Panayotov, Alasdair Macdonald, Boyan Strahilov - The Difficulties and Benefits of Being a Simple Therapist

12. Paper written by the group of Swedish professionals about their programme in Oden - Why is the agency Oden successful

13. Situations Focused Open Model by Tomasz Switek – read here

14. Deck of trump for couples - Deckcouple & DeckcoupleFC



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