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EBTA Research Grant 2017 Application information

The European Brief Therapy Association Board offers a research grants of up to 3500 euro  to suitable research projects that focus on Solution Focused Brief Therapy and its applications.

To apply for a grant, please submit a statement of 800 words describing the aims of the project and the researchers involved and include an outline of the proposed method. You should state the likely benefit of the project to the development of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and what other sources of funding have been sought or obtained. The names and contact details of two referees should be included.

Copies of the application should be submitted to Dr Mark Beyebach before January 31, 2017. A decision will be made by end of February 2017. The recipients of the grants will be informed directly, published on this web site and announced on the SFT e-mail discussion list. Recipients will be required to sign a document confirming their acceptance of the terms. The first 50% of the award will be paid in March 2017, the rest on receiving a detailed report on the progress of the project.

A summary of the final results should be sent to the Research Coordinator when the study is completed. Whenever possible, the title of any subsequent publication should include a reference to Solution Focused or Brief Therapy.  The EBTA grant should be acknowledged in all documents and publications arising from the study. Presentation of the findings at the annual European Brief Therapy Association conference will be welcomed.

Grant Committee:

Mark Beyebach, Spain;

Ferdinand Wolf, Austria;

Cynthia Franklin, USA;

Svea van der Horn, Southafrica,


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