Frequently Asked Questions

Will EBTA try to become an umbrella association for the national Solution Focused associations of Europe?
No. We want to cooperate with other Solution Focused organization, like SFBTA in USA and Canada, and  National Organizations in Europe and elsewhere; we do not intend to become an umbrella organization for any other organizations or group of organizations. We aim to be a partner and a friend to any organization that shares our ideas.

How were the current board-members appointed?
The current board (August 2012) consists of 13 board-members. Four of them are founding members who together with, among others, Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, founded the EBTA in 1993. During the time that Steve and Insoo were involved with EBTA, they often suggested and always approved of the invitation of new board-members. Today four board members were invited in this way. After Insoo and Steve stopped being involved in the board, the board invited five of the current board-members. To sum this up, most of the time Steve and Insoo had the final call on who was invited on the board, and their right to choose the candidate that they believed was most suitable to represent the EBTA and the Solution Focused model in Europe was never questioned. In recent years, the board has invited new members, using the same criteria and spirit as was present when Steve and Insoo were on the board. The EBTA-board realize that this process in the future need to be more transparent to the Solution Focused community and in dialogue with the EBTA-members. In addition, the board recognises that the process may need to be changed in some other ways. This issue is worked on by the EBTA future task-group.

Is EBTA going to present an accreditation program for Solution Focused practitioners?
EBTA has been working for many years to find a solution regarding accreditation that could be agreed on through out the Solution Focused community, but it has been very hard work and it has proven to be very difficult and even impossible to reach a consensus within the EBTA. Presently the EBTA does not have plans to continue this work, but we may work on establishing some guidelines that can be used when other organizations or individual training institutes plan their own programs, certifications and diplomas. We also have a task-group that is working on the “Solution Focus Practice definition”, an up-to-date summary of the Solution Focused approach that we hope can be useful both for the individual practitioner and the training institutes. There are already many different independent alternatives for the practitioner that wants to get an accreditation in Solution Focused practice; there are training institutes that offer training programs that lead to accreditation by different bodies of accreditation or individual training institutes.

I have an idea that I think EBTA should hear. What do I do?
We look forward to hearing from you. Please use this page to post your idea or just send an email  to one of the board-members. You can check the task-group site to find out who you think is the best to contact. Either way will work fine!

I think I could be of help and I would like to be involved in a task-group. What do I do?
Please contact the board-member that works with the task-group you are interested in.  Please write something about yourself and what you want to do. The board-member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hallo
    Where is the next conference going take place – and when?

  2. admin says:

    The next ebta conference is in Bern Friday – Sunday 27. – 29. September 2013
    Welcome all!
    web site: http://ebta2013.ch/