Next Conference

The next EBTA conference is in Bad Soden, Germany and it’s common project with many other sf organizations called SF World Conference 2017

Conference dates are: September 22-24, 2017

Conference website: SF WORLD CONFERENCE

APPLY FOR CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP by the end of May, 2017 - EBTAscholarshipappform0915

Organizing a future EBTA conference?

EBTA welcome applications from solution-focused teams to host future EBTA conferences.
An EBTA conference usually draw about 150-250 participants and is held from a Friday morning to Sunday midday, in late September each year. Download this pdf-file to read more about the details of this option: EBTA-Conference-agreement

Conference schedule

2017 – Frankfurt, Germany
2018 – Sophia, Bulgaria
2019 – Florence, Italy
2020 – Copenhagen, Denmark
2021 – we have some plans already …and you can send your team proposal to organize EBTA annual conference…

Conference history

2016 Bruges “The map is not the teritory” – organizing team: Korzybski Institute team

2015 Vienna “Don’t think – observe” – organizing team: Veronika Kotrba, Ralph Miarka, Claudia Lembach, Ferdinand Wolf

2014 Leeuwarden: “Delta: resources united” – organizing team: Ieta Berghuis, Lammie Lamberts, Rienk Versloot, Jos Kienhuis

2013 Bern: “I’m my style” – Organizing team: The NLA Network for SF work Switzerland

2012 Torun: “Upside down – SF paradigms – revolutions & evolutions”
Organizing team: Tomasz Switek,  Artur Lewinski, Jacek Szczepkowski and volunteers from Warsaw and Toruń, mainly members of The Polish Association of the Solution-Focused Therapists, solution-focused practitioners and students.

2011 Dresden: “Frames and beyond – How the frames influence our doing and the doing influences”.
Organizing team: The f.l.o.w. association and NIK

2010 Malmö: Bridges
Organizing team: Harry Korman – SIKT

2009 Helsinki: Imagine
Organizing team: TaitoBa, Helsinki University Palmenia, Ratkes ry

2008 Lyon: Differences et changements
Organizing team: Pascal Soubeyrand and Hélène Dellucci and the association Différences et Changements (Difference & Change)

2007 Brugge:
Organizing team: Korzybski Institute

2006 Krakow:
Organizing team: Centrum terapii krótkoterminowej

2005 Salamanca
Organizing team: Dr Mark Beyebach and team

2004 Amsterdam: “Leading from one step behind”  What works? Our clients will tell us!
Organizing team: Arnoud Huibers and team

2003 Berlin: Let’s Talk About Solutions. This was the 10 year anniversary of EBTA conferences
Organizing team: NIK

2002 Cardiff:
Organizing team:

2001 Dublin
Organizing team:

2000 Turku
Organizing team:Turku Summer University

1999 Carlisle: Solutions not problems
Organizing team: Dr Alasdair Macdonald and

1998 Salamanca
Organizing team: Mark Beyebach and team

1997 Sofia (spring) and Bruge (autumn)

1996 Paris (spring) and Lodz (autumn)

1995 London (spring) and Bremen (autumn)

1994 Bruge (spring) and Stockholm (autumn)

1993 New Orleans and Paris: EBTA was founded at the New Orleans conference in honor of John Weakland in 1993

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