In the name of EBTA, three awards are granted every year:

1. The EBTA yearly research grant of 3500 euro;
2. The award for Excellence in Solution Focused Practice. The organizing team of the EBTA conference gives the award.
3. The Award for Distinguished contributions to Solution Focused Thinking, an award given by the board.

History of The Award for Distinguished contributions to Solution Focused Thinking:

2011 – given to Alasdair Macdonald, UK

2012 – given to BRIEF, London, UK

2013 – given to Luc Isebaert, Belgium

2014 – given to Harry Korman, Sweden

2015 – given to NIK, Bremen, Germany

2016 – given to Therese Steiner, Switzerland

2017 – given to Mark Beyebach, Spain

2018 – given to Peter Sundman, Finland (see some video  from the Skype meeting with Peter and some EBTA board members)

2019 – given to Jacek Lelonkiewicz, Poland

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