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EBTA structures blog            23 October 2012

EBTA has continued to evaluate and discuss its mission and structures during the recent conference in Torun and by the task group assigned for making proposals for new structures.

Discussions in Torun

In Torun the EBTA board formally decided to assign the task-group to come up with one or two possible new structures, including statutes, finances and an estimate of the implications of the suggestions. The suggestions should be made before the Spring meeting in April 20th 2013. The task-group consists of Peter Sundman (coordinator), Helene Dellucci, Ferdinand Wolf, Svea van der Hoorn and Caroline Klingenstierna (resigned 30.9.12).

The board also decided to use the enclosed ‘flower’ structure as a discussion platform for the ongoing discussions about the structures. The ‘flower’ indicates that EBTA could take on new tasks, like hosting SF national associations and training institutes as well as continue with old tasks, like supporting research.

There was a first open meeting for the national associations in Torun. The associations presented themselves and discussed the possibilities for cooperation. More on this topic here http://blog.ebta.nu/task-groups/supporting-national-s-f-associations-cooperation

The participants of the Torun conference were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their expectations of EBT. The results showed that almost all, who answered, wanted EBTA to go on with its present tasks. The majority also wanted to have an on-line journal and information about therapists. About half wanted EBTA to set up a certification system. The certification/accreditation was discussed during an open meeting, where it got both support and criticism.

Task-group in October

The task-group decided in October to use the EBTA web site as a site for the material produced by the task-group and public discussions. – This blog is part of this work. We will try to make it possible for people to voice their best hopes and invite and record communications about the work of the EBTA structure task-group. We will also invite specific people for their contribution / expertise.

At the moment we are working on these issues.

  • EBTA position on accreditation. There are clearly divided opinions. The Eastern European countries are more interested in getting support that SFBT is a serious therapeutic approach. Long time supporters of EBTA do not want EBTA to be a regulalive body. Would their desire be served by EBTA being a research platform?  Could  the ‘flower’ structure host both view points in separate forums?
  • EBTA relationship with National Associations – see proposal on the flower drawing document
  • EBTA as an open source structure / resource rather than a regulating structure.
  • EBTA providing resources and guidelines about SF to structures that regulate, train etc
  • EBTA as a place where documents in a variety of languages can be located. Perhaps volunteers from EBTA make translations into other languages?
  • EBTA as a reputable resource for research repository, or a place with links to where research relevant to credibility, status and stature of SF can be found.
  • What changes do the present statutes allow? How to make changes in the statutes?
  • Does EBTA want to be an institution with something to deliver and to what extant does it act as a connector between other structures?

Next structure task-group meeting is November 11th.

Peter Sundman

task-group coordinator

EBTA flower structure:

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