Welcome, welkom, bienvenu and willkommen to the EBTA-network!

EBTA has set up a network for SF-practitioners at this address
http://ebta-network.ning.com,  welcome to come and join in!
When signing up: If you have trouble finding your confirmation email. Please check your email “trash”.

Here we hope you will find inspiration and support in your everyday practice. This is the place where we hope you always can meet your peer Solution Focused practitioners. On this pages the focus is on Solution Focused practises within Mental health care, Counseling, Social services and Education in Europe and beyond.

You can join a group for networking or create your own group (please email me if you like to do that: I will need the information : name of the group; and a short description and will get back to you as soon as I can). Or start a discussion under Forum. Load up your favorite youtube clipp or what ever you like.

If you like to share some material please mail me or have other ideas. I hope everything work OK ,but if there is problems let me know!

Have fun!
Please respect the the network ethics that is copied below!

Caroline, ebta network manager


Network ethics

All members have a right to feel welcomed and appreciated

For all members to feel respected it is important to only describe other people, organisations and networks in a way that they themselves would agree is accurate. It is not allowed to campaign against any individual or group. This means that some questions may not be suitable for this forum, and in that case we hope you will use another way of communicating with like minded people or direct to the person or organisation concerned. If you feel that you or someone else is not being treated fairly on this network please contact the web manager as soon as possible. This is a responsibility all members share. This rule will be strictly upheld and individuals who don’t respect this will be excluded.

Give acknowledgements

Practitioners of Solution Focused treatments acknowledge the open source ethos of Solution Focused Practices and give credit to the developers and others they refer to. They make no claims about ownership or exclusive use of Solution Focused ideas. They conduct and report research competently (Peter Sundman et al, SF-practice definition 2012).

This means that if you know who said it first (or who said it to you) – you should write who it was when you refer to it, and if you don’t know who said it to you, but you know you did not come up with it yourself – say that!

Advertisement and information on products, including training and workshops

Network members are advised to be restrictive with forwarding their own products in their role as network members. Please contact the webmaster to suggest ways that this sort information can be available at selected places. If you are arranging a national or local Solution Focused conference please contact the administrator to put this information under “Events”.

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