Hello EBTA Torun 2012! Now! Upside down begins

Now! Here we are at Torun in Poland.

Thank you so much Tomasz, Jacek, Artur, Kasia and all volunteers who have put together this wounderful conference for us!

This is exiting times for us who use the Solution Focused modell in our work, and it is also exiting times for all of you who care about EBTA and what we all togheter need to do to make the organisaion continue to be a useful place for us to network and develop our skills.

You who are at the conference right now. Pleace feel free to be a live reporter and make a post below of, for example; what did see and hear that made an impression today; A thought you would like to share; or whatever comes in to mind!

Greetings to all! Now is the time for sharing and buildning together!CarolineEBTA webmaster

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12 Responses to Hello EBTA Torun 2012! Now! Upside down begins

  1. Anne-Marie og Karin says:

    Brain and body are tired this morning, but eager to get going and start the 2. day at EBTA!
    New “brainprints” from yesterday:

    1)When someone keep on talking about the problem, We will try too see it as a reminder that what we do is different from traditional therapy AND that we didn’t make that clear; so problemtalk is a chance to show them that there is another way to look at things.

    2) it looks as if the ebta-community are deciding to look at the original(s) to find way in times of new voices and braking waves. Yesterday we saw a lot of old clips with Steve and Insoo, and it gives hope that we will be able to explore the edges, develope, do great things, have fun AND hang on to the core we call solution focus

    3) I don’t like reggae… I love it………

    See you in a minute
    Anne-Marie & Karin

  2. Heike says:

    It made a difference!

    noticed yesterday that again, the conference made a difference to my practice! Inspite of tiredness (because of hours and hours of travelling) I had a different monday-morning and very useful cooperative talks! Actually I didn`t sit much on the chairs thanks to Guy and Bob… Thank you folks so much for the interesting talks, ideas, workshops etc. which gave me this thorough solution-focused infusion which will keep me going till Bern!
    Thanks Tomasz, Artur and Jacek again for taking all the incredible work to organize this conference in this special place Torun!

    see you all again
    in Bern

  3. Artur says:

    It made a difference to me :)

    Again and again and again….., I want TO THANK:
    - all of you who made an effort and came to an unknown city Torun to be part of the UPSIDE DOWN experiment/experience
    - all of you who wanted to come but couldn’t have because of THE UNEXPECTED
    - all the people who worked hard for the event to be what it was: Kasia, Ania, Agnieszka, Asia, Dorota, Asica, Olga, Anita, Kornel, Dominik, Mateusz, Zbyszek and Pawel
    - interpreters: Kasia, Marta, Danusia, Ela – for their hard work (I know what it takes :P)
    - conference book’s authors and consultants: Jenny Clark, Anne-Marie Schuller, Robertus de Louw, Pawel Sobierajski
    - EBTA Board and all the unnamed people who supported our efforts along the way
    - my esteemed colleagues: Tomasz and Jacek for all the things they did and didn’t do – that was brilliant
    - all of you who keep writing and giving us feedback – I humbly accept it :)

    For me that Conference was an incredible experience! Believe me, I’ve organised few before and I can tell that I’M GRATEFUL for you being so open to our Upside Down spirit.

    Thanx for all the workshops, plenaries, networking, private talks, dances, songs – ATMOSPHERE that YOU created!

    I hope to see you all in Bern next year – for all I know, it’s already perfectly organised – you know the Swiss :))))

    Thank you,
    Artur, Torun, Poland

  4. Ewelina Bazyluk says:

    Hallo, I`ve enjoyed conference very much. thank you! :)

  5. John Wheeler says:

    A great workshop. Good variety of workshops and plenaries. Excellent food. Lovely opportunity to meet old friends. Lovely, also, to meet people who are new to the work and are just as excited as I was when I first started coming to the conference. And, thankyou for hosting the conference in such a beautiful city and being so well organised.

  6. Beatrice Stoller says:

    Hello everybody

    Back home in Berne I’m still impressed and happy about all the wonderful things just happened in Torun. Even so I took the title of the conference too serious: My stomach at least was upside down, and I missed a lot. Thank god I had a beautiful room to stay!

    Nevertheless the conference, the beautiful city, the joy of the three “guys”… It was worth to be there. I learned a lot, I laughed a lot and I met new interesting people. I’d like to thank everybody for the huge work there in Torun.

    I do hope very much to see all of you next year in Berne und meanwhile…. it’s good enough!


  8. Monika Vetsch says:

    Dear post ebta2012team

    We had a safe and pleasant trip home, including a staff meeting at the airport!

    I’m sitting here with a big smile, thinking of the journey, the first impressions of Poland, the people I met, lots of new faces, some familiar ones, the warm welcome you gave us, your hospitality, the whole conference, the workshops I attended and what I took from them, your hard work and your spirit… there are soooooo many impressions and impacts, my hearth is full and my mind is spinning, stopping at some impressions, smells, laughter, even a tear…

    Thank you so much for your great conference! I really hope you are proud of your achievement and just happy of the outcome. Attending your conference made me realize how much work is ahead of us and that with a good team spirit it is possible to get all the work done and still be friends!

    I’m really looking forward seeing you in Berne next year :-)
    Take care, stay happy and from the bottom of my hearth: Dziękuję bardzo

    … and thank you to all the participants of contributing, making the conference in Torun a very special one!

  9. Marta Szymanek says:

    That was one of the best conference, I’ve attended. SFBT people are the most nice people of the world :) I made some great friendship. Tomas, Jacek and Artur were triplering to care of all of us :)) Now I am at work full of new entusiasm and ideas, Thank you every body and can’t wait to see you next year (or somewere in a future…)

  10. Hi Our Dear Conference Participants!

    as a post (and pre) ebta2012team we’re still working around conference
    Kasia placed today first set of the pictures – soon more
    http://www.ebta2012.eu link photo gallery
    enjoy for today and you’ll hear more on coming Monday about conference contination…

    best wishes
    post (and pre) ebta2012team
    artur, jacek, tomasz

  11. Robbie Black says:

    Dear artur,jacek and tomasz and all involved with organisation

    My heart thanks you for a wonderful four days of work and play, met some old friends and made some new ones, your kindness and hospitatilty seemed to be endless as was your energy

    The memories of Poland and the insperation will remain with me

    Big Love

    Rob Black xxxx

  12. Dear Conference Participants…, Dear List Members

    For some of us Friday… for some Saturday.. for some Sunday.. and for some Monday… was
    the last day of being at the Upside down conference… was it end of it?
    In a way yes, in a way not, let’s search for eusemie – useful meanings…

    Once I’ve heard (Tomek) from Luc Iseabert that therapy is not going during therapy session,
    that therapy is going on between sessions…. can we make use of it?
    Let’s think that conference is going on also after the conference, that it’s still bringing
    some upside down changes in our activities, let’s make them visual for others…

    On Monday evening, after the post-conference workshops, some of the conference participants
    met together at The Jan Olbracht Brewery and they shared stories, jokes, fairy tales
    (that’s what I’ve heard from Artur) and that it was a nice experience.

    Let’s make use of it… let’s tell ourselves stories about the UPSIDE DOWN moments
    that happened during the conference and after the conference in our daily -
    professional and private life.

    We’ve prepared the conference book, now we want to prepare postconference on-line “book”
    which will include very different stories, from the conference participants about their
    upside down experiences – during and after the conference.
    Please write down more or less short/long story, attach your upside down photo and send it to us.
    We’ll collect all stories, put them together, and place at the website for sharing…

    That would be nice to make it till Christmas time… so time is quite limited… we would love to get
    your stories till the end of November. We’ll make some editorial work till Christmas time and make it
    available during Christmas …

    Whether you were conference participant whether not you can join us and share with your sf upside down stories!
    Want to join the club of “upside down story tellers”?
    if yes… read more in the attachment, what to do, how to proceed…
    if not… change mind, join us tomorrow and read more in the attachment…
    for the attachment write to tomaszswitek@centrumpsr.eu

    best wishes
    from the post EBTA2012team
    artur, jacek, tomasz