Child protection work in Tenerife

We are happy to publish the details of the project that was awarded the 2012 research grant. It was awarded Antonio Medina Machin, a postgraduate psychologists studying family intervention by applying a Solution Focused approach to child protection work. His studies focus on, social services, in a local public agency in the Canary Islands, Spain

Description of the project
The project, a quasi-experimental outcome study, focuses on Solution Focused child protection work with children at risk and their families who are under the charge of local public agencies in Tenerife, Spain.

This research project explores the changes that occur when a sample of multidisciplinary teams working with children and families in social services applies a Solution Focused approach in child protection work. The impact of the Solution Focused approach on three different kinds of variables will be examined: objective indexes of effectiveness and efficiency; user satisfaction and goals attainment; and beliefs, practices, and burnout of the professionals. An inter- and intra-group quasi experimental design will be used to compare Solution Focused Intervention (SFI) and Intervention As Usual (IAU).

We look forward to the results of this study with great interest and will up date you about the progress of the project.

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/ Caroline Klingenstierna, EBTA Web master


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