What is Solution Focused Practice…?


It was with great curiosity, that I agreed to head the EBTA Solution Focused Practice Definition task-group. I wasn’t sure what would happen when a dozen distinguished Solution Focused experts start to discuss how to define the Solution Focused Practice. Would we end up fighting each other?

Then I remembered Harry Korman and Mark McKergow’s  great article “In-between – Not Inside or Outside”, a radical simplicity of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy’  (link to the article on Harry’s site ). Some others and I feared, then, that it would raise a storm in some circles. Nothing much happened, so maybe we could agree. Maybe a definition of Solution Focused Practice could be useful for someone other than me. I’m already thinking on how to use the definition in my training courses. Maybe the definition could be submitted as a Wikipedia article.

What do you think? Click to read the “Solution Focus Practice Definition

Peter Sundman, EBTA Solution Focused Practice definition task-group


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