We thank our former board members

We want to thank and honour the outstanding people that through the years have contributed to the building of EBTA and those who have made sure EBTA obligations have been met.

We thank the following previous EBTA board members’ for their dedicated service:

Plamen Panayotov, Bulgaria, who with humour and commitment contributed to every discussion.

Janine Ross, England, who was EBTA secretary and president, and provided understanding while keeping us structured and on track.

Alasdair Macdonald, England, who with his dedication to research made sure that everyone knew when a new study on the Solution Focused model was published. Alasdair held several positions over the years: president, research coordinator, and secretary. He also arranged the EBTA conference in Carlisle in 1999.

Harry Korman, Sweden, who with great dedication contributed to our conferences, and arranged the EBTA-conference in 2010 as a joint venture with SFBTA.

Pascal Soubeyrand, France, held the position of treasurer and provided valuable input for the EBTA future development. He also was one of the organisers of the EBTA-conference in Lyon 2008.

The BRIEF-team: Evan George who is a founding member, Harvey Ratner who was vice-president, and Chris Iveson, England, who inspired us with their fantastic sense of what is useful and what is not.

Anders Claesson, Sweden, who is one of the founding members and held the position of vice-president and was the second EBTA president and contributed with his warm personality to the sharing atmosphere of EBTA.

Wolfgang Eberling, German, who is one of the founding members, the first EBTA president and contributed with a peaceful mind and thoughtfulness.

And on a special note, we honour Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg who with their encouragement and support made it all possible from the start.

Thank you all!

Caroline Klingenstierna, EBTA web master on the behalf of the current EBTA board

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