EBTA BOOK – Theory of Solution-Focused Practice

The EBTA Book “Theory of Solution-Focused Practice” 2020 has been published!

We, the authors, are happy with this co-creative process of shaping the theoretical thoughts of the solution-focused practice in a creative, joyful and sometimes reiterative systematic way that lead to the carefully crafted  ‘co-knowing’ formulations in the book. Also disputes and differences are visible together with the additional reviewer ‘co-knowers’ views. It has been like a piece of Jazz: constantly changing and developing, with many variations in an open-ended process that provides space for further developments. 

Now we are excited to see where it goes next!

The publishers links are:


Hardcover: https://www.bod.de/buchshop/theory-of-solution-focused-practice-peter-sundman-9783751976749

ebook: https://www.bod.de/buchshop/theory-of-solution-focused-practice-peter-sundman-9783752614947

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