EBTA statutes updated!

The board is happy to announce that the statutes have been updated in July.

The process, which took over a year, involved lots of discussions with many people from the solution-focused community and lots of thoughts of EBTA’s role and goals. The main question was: What sort of structure would serve the solution-focused community well.

The result is a clear membership organization, where most practical matters are handled by task-groups. Task-groups can be initiated by the Board or by members. They can be more or less permanent and decide their structure by themselves.

The membership organizations means, that we all should apply/register for membership to get the needed information updated. The form is on the ‘membership page‘ found from the ‘Join Ebta” tab.
This also means, that the first ‘Members Annual Meeting’ will be held at the Bern conference September  28th. A new board will be elected and plans for the next year will be decided there. All members are warmly welcomed!

Peter Sundman

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