About us & bank account

EBTA, founded in 1993 by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and a group of European Solution Focused Practitioners, provides a European platform for people interested in Solution Focused Therapy.

EBTA is an open, non-profit, civil society organization for people interested in supporting solution-focused work in different contexts within the helping professions and communities in Europe in co-operation with other approaches, practices and research methods. EBTA supports the development of solution-focused ideas, theory and practice.

EBTA promotes, advocates and develops solution-focused theory, research and practice within psychotherapy, counseling, education and related areas of work as well as in other professional contexts like rehabilitation, specialized fields of health and social care in Europe and beyond.

EBTA promotes dialogue with other solution-focused actors and other approaches.

Payments should be directed to:

EBTA -00100 Helsinki

ACCOUNT: FI46 7997 7997 1177 47


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