EBTA BOOK – Theory of Solution-Focused Practice

The EBTA Book “Theory of Solution-Focused Practice” 2020 has been published!

We, the authors, are happy with this co-creative process of shaping the theoretical thoughts of the solution-focused practice in a creative, joyful and sometimes reiterative systematic way that lead to the carefully crafted  ‘co-knowing’ formulations in the book. Also disputes and differences are visible together with the additional reviewer ‘co-knowers’ views. It has been like a piece of Jazz: constantly changing and developing, with many variations in an open-ended process that provides space for further developments. 

Now we are excited to see where it goes next!

The publishers links are:


Hardcover: https://www.bod.de/buchshop/theory-of-solution-focused-practice-peter-sundman-9783751976749

ebook: https://www.bod.de/buchshop/theory-of-solution-focused-practice-peter-sundman-9783752614947

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The organizing team of EBTA2020 are hereby renamed EBTA2021 (however the website will remain the same). And we’re pleased to announce, that the conference will take place in the same beautiful venue as planed for this year.

The dates to put in the calendar are Friday 17th to Sunday 19th of September 2021 – let’s all hope for better circumstances and the possibility to meet.



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EBTA conference book from Sofia 2018 available from now!!!!


book promo book promo2



We have great news! from today – April 26th, 2019 EBTA conference book- Making waves –  is available for purchase! You can buy it through the  website of the EBTA annual conference in Sofia, 2018.  Just follow link – buy a book – wait for delivery and enjoy content!!!

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Call for speakers!!!

Dear friends, we kindly invite you to help us make the EBTA Conference 2019 an interesting event full of ideas to share. You can propose any contribution that is connected in any way to the Solution Focused approach. Your contributions may be of a theoretical or practical nature and may concern the clinical, social care, educational and business fields. We would like your presentations to be linked to the concept of “As If”, but it is not mandatory. You are free to choose the “solutions” you prefer.
The deadline for presentation proposal is 1 June 2019.
#solutionfocused #ebta_florence2019


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Dear All!

Find out more about EBTA summer camp 2019. It’s going to be great SF experience :):):)

EBTA Summer Camp 2019 Invitation

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Just take a look into our conference promo video

See You soon in Florence, Italy!

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EBTA 2019 conference

Visit conference web by clicking conference picture :)


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EBTA conference book is just printed!!!

book promo book promo2

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Dear All!

Just a short notice, that current and prior EBTA board members are preparing some surprise for our participants! New book about SF practice is right now in writing process :)

In particular book’s articles will be about SF practices which are still rooted in the SFBT tradition, taken from Milwaukee and Bruges, with a focus on what is different now after 25 years of SF developments in Europe. Thus articles would be much more about current explorations, new ideas and redefinitions rather than descriptions of basic tenets of SFBT. 

Book will be available for all conference participants and later on for the rest of the world :)

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Dear All!

We kindly inform you about a possibility to obtain scholarships for these who are in difficult situation and want to come to the conference. This was decided by the Board before the Bad Soden conference that we will support in this way not only EBTA members, but also these who want to join the conference, preferably also join EBTA , but for sure will fulfill the condition of writing their report from the conference and wish to popularize SFBT in their setting.


Please make some “noice” about that possibility. Inform folks who may be interested in.

Everyone interested is supposed to contact conference organizers directly:

Plamen Panayotov and Boyan Strahilov - organisers@ebtaconference2018sofia.org


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